Wednesday, January 26, 2011


by Rick Green

It was creative differences and a healthy mutual loathing between Hoverboy creators C.L. Nutt and Bob Stark that lead to their diverging careers, and later to adultery, blackmail, fraud, assault charges and murder.

But for us fans, there was a wonderful benefit, probably unintended when the Judge in the Nutt/Stark Ownership Rights Case made his fateful decision.  After calling both litigants the worst pair of liars he’d ever seen in 31 years on the bench, the Judge awarded them each equal right to to the use of the Hoverboy character, with the caveat of "Active Ownership".  Which is legal for Use It Or Lose It.  Each party, ie Bob Stark and Charlie Nutt, had to make at least one Hoverboy product, book, movie, business deal, or well, whatever- per year.  As long as they were creating new sources of income that stemmed from the bucket boy, they were legally entitled to 100% of that income and continued ownership.

Utah Courtroom where the future of Hoverboy was decided.

This is why there are so many Hoverboy products and projects.  Movie Serials.  Radio programs. Comics.  Toys.  Actions figures...

And commercial endorsements.

Scores and scores of commercial endorsements.

Hoverboy Coca-Cola Ad, 1951

Several Hoverboy fans, including Moi, are currently petitioning the Guiness Book of World Records to have Hoverboy declared the most widely used Trademark figure in advertising history.


Among some of the products, services and businesses that have be promoted, hawked, pitched or championed by Hoverboy include:

Hoverboy Bucket’s N Fists Cereals
Hoverboy Mop Buckets
Hoverboy Mock Ham
Spokane Hand Car Wash
Fiat automobiles.
Ross Perot for President
Hoverboy Tampons ‘They feel like they’re floating’.
Hoverboy Gum 
The Wyoming Tourist Bureau
Save-A-Buck Pastries
Reel Rubber Truck Tyres
Nabisco Fudge Duds
The Foundation for the Promotion of Esperanto
Hoverboy Snap Cookies
Balloon Baron of Baltimore
Lil Bushwacker Slingshots
The Iowa Literacy Council
Belgian Boy Cleanser
Tiny Debbie’s Do-Nuts
The United States Coast Guard
Acme Ant Farms
The Saudi Royal Family
Save The Antelope Foundation
Former Freighter Cruise Lines
Triple AAA Security Systems
The St. Paul/Minneapolis Karate Klub
Louisiana Power and Telephone
Ride N Slide N Hide by Mattel
The National Wood & Lumber Association
Sammy’s Sump Pumps
Roy Reynolds Chev/Olds Dealership
Nevada Christian College (Vegas campus)
The El Paso Lizard Museum
Lamp Shades ‘N Such
The Greater Boston Anti-Drug Coalition
Buckeye Canned Tuna, Buckeye Canned Salmon, Buckeye Canned Carp
Laredo Wrench & Socket
The Rhode Island Tourette Clinic
Uraguay Airlines
Old Indiana Pail Ale
House of Brisket
TinToy Lunch Pails

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