Friday, December 31, 2010

GAY CAVELCADE "Tareyton Interstitial"

It seems like forever ago that we got our first glimpse at stills from the 1953 live-action puppet show GAY CAVELCADE.

Promotional shot of series host Orval Allan with Hoverboyand Chief, apparently
ready to duke it out over something.
Now thanks to Ross Gurch, Hoverboy fan [and certified hoarder] in Utah we can finally get a look at actual clips from the show.  We'll be discussing Gay Cavelcade in more detail as we present full segments in the coming weeks and months, but I'm sure you'll agree these are a fascinating time capsules of the golden age of children's television.  This first brief clip shows an sponsor segment, hopefully selling to housewives who may have been watching than children themselves.  Enjoy!

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